Listen to Music Online

Listen to Music OnlineI love music. If I could, I would spend all the day, everyday listening to music. The problem is that it isn’t always possible and I will let you think of the awkward situations in which listening to music won’t really be possible.

In any case, I digress.

This post is about music and how great it is that you can listen to any type of music you want not matter where you are (as long as you have internet access) and no matter what time it is.

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Learning to Play the Guitar is Easier than You Think

play the guitarI love playing the guitar and I’ve been playing it for over 10 years. Today I mostly do it for fun but I was in a band or two during my high school years. Learning to the play the guitar is actually not as hard as most people think. I remember when I played when sitting with friends they all really appreciated how I was able to sit and learn how to play the guitar by myself without taking any lessons. I guess I had a good ear and I was just listening to music and than trying to get the same notes and sounds from my guitar. It wasn’t easy at the beginning but as time passed and the more I tried it became much easier.

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Damian Wallace: A Rising Star

Australia has one of the hottest music scenes right now. Aside from boasting home-grown artists who are pushing the boundaries of music, Australia consistently attracts the attention of the best musicians from all over the world. For this reason, international acts always hold a show in the country. In this post, I am going to talk about an international act who’s going to perform here next week: Damian Wallace. Damian Wallace might be Canadian, but he considers Australia his 2nd home.

Who is Damian Wallace? For those who are not in-the-know, Damian Wallace is a 26 year old Canadian who has been gaining popularity in the indie music scene over the past year. He makes folk music that sounds very modern. His music appeals to both older generations and the current one. What’s really amazing is that Wallace didn’t always set out to be a professional musician. Before he started recording music last year, he actually worked for a couple of Toronto renovation companies. He lent his expertise in design to help such companies make the best home renovations. He was actually good at it too.

The basement renovations Toronto citizens got when they hired a company working with Damian Wallace was of the highest quality. It raised the value of their homes significantly. Despite being good at his job, though, Wallace had an epiphany and decided to pursue a career in music. Thankfully, he did. Since he released his first single, music outlets from all over the world, especially the ones in his native Canada and Australia, have proclaimed him the savior of folk music. He has gained so many fans from all over the world already despite not having released his debut album yet. Because of this, he has already toured all over the world this early in his career.

When asked about which country apart from Canada he has enjoyed playing the most, he always tells people that Australia is his favorite tour stop. This is why although he had held a concert here just two months ago, he’s already coming back next week. Australians really need to make it a point to see him live, and not just because he loves our country so much. Damian Wallace’s music actually meets the hype. Whether we’re talking about his quieter ballads or his folk-rock epics, you can count on his music to actually move you like most other people’s music doesn’t

Hopefully, this post of mine will be successful in getting people to actually go out of their way to see Damian Wallace live. Artists such as Damian Wallace need all the support they can get. Wallace is the rare kind of musicians that only appears once in a blue moon. Unless we give him our full support, we might end up missing out on the chance to hear a full album from him. Yes, his debut album is scheduled to be released around late this year, but anything could happen. Until then, we should give him all we’ve got as connoisseurs of high-quality music.

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A Look Into Sadele’s Musical Success

Australia is home to so many amazing musical acts. These musical acts have recently dominated the world stage and given Australia a reputation for being a home to so many talented musicians who touch the hearts of so many people from all over the world. One of these talented musicians is Sadele. In this post, I am going to talk about her rise to musical fame. By doing so, I hope to inspire people from all over the world to believe that it is possible for everyone to achieve their dreams.

Although Sadele is currently based in Australia, she is actually Canadian by birth. In fact, she only migrated to Australia at the age of 24. Also, before she moved to Australia, she wasn’t a career musician; she was, in fact, in charge of managing Toronto plumbers. She worked to make sure that every emergency plumber Toronto citizens hired was doing a great job. She also made sure that the plumbers she handled followed all safety codes and were up-to-date with regard to the use of the late plumbing technologies. Although Sadele was very successful in her day job, she wanted to be an artist. Learning of the many opportunities musicians have in Australia, Sadele decided to move there and pursue a full-time career in music.

Her risk paid off; just after performing in Sydney clubs for about two months, an A&R guy discovered her. Due to his amazement at Sadele’s performance, he immediately signed her to his record label. After just eight months of living in Australia, Sadele’s first single, “Looking for Pavements,” became a number 1 hit in the country. The song’s weepy message and sad instrumentation resonated with so many Australians, as well as people from other parts of the world. Since the release of her first single, Adele has continuously gained fame and sold records all over the world.

“I feel really blessed,” Sadele told us. “I actually didn’t expect to get this famous. I mean, I’m not exactly the prettiest person, and everyone in the music business knows that looks does play a big part in someone’s success. If there’s anything I learned from my success, it’s that people actually still care about the music. I am really thankful to my fans. I promise that I will do my best to push myself to become a better artist. I really want to touch more people’s lives with my music.”

Sadele’s story is really amazing, and it’s no surprise that it has touched the lives of so many of her fans all over the world. It proves that taking risks can pay off, and that one shouldn’t just dismiss one’s ambitions in life for being too big. One should try to follow their dreams, no matter how big they are. By doing so, one will not have any regrets later on in life. If you are really passionate about something, you need to make it a point to explore opportunities relevant to it. Only by doing so will you fully know yourself and what you are capable of.

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Building Your Concert Fund Through Binary Options Trading

Australia definitely gets its fair share of amazing concerts. Almost every week, a hot music act performs an amazing concert in one of the major Australian cities, giving so many Australians and tourists an amazing musical experience. However, despite there being so many concerts in Australia, the prices of the tickets for such events are not cheap. Even the least expensive tickets for such events can cost a couple hundred dollars. For this reason, many Australian music lovers have devised a way of being able to afford all the amazing concerts that are held in the country, and this is through binary options trading. Simply by creating an account on the Banc de Binary English website and doing business with them, for one, Australians can now easily gain enough money to be able to afford premium tickets for all the shows they want to attend.

Over the past few years, the popularity of binary options trading among Australians has greatly risen. There are many reasons for this, foremost among them being that fact that is it very easy to do binary options trading and make money from it. For many Australians, binary options trading is currently one of the best ways for them to regularly earn extra income on the side that they can use for leisure purposes.

Of course, to be able to make the most of binary options trading, people have to make it a point to only work with a great brokerage. For most Australians, the best binary options brokerage is Banc de Binary. There are many reasons as to why they believe so. One reason would probably have to be the fact that Banc de Binary does its best to guide all of its clients on a path to financial success. When people do binary options trading with Banc de Binary, they can always get the best help from amazing brokers any time they want to. This makes them earn much more than they lose when doing binary options trading. From the moment people create a binary options virtual trading account with Banc de Binary, they are set on the right path to financial success.

“My name is Trish Ellis, and I am a college student at a local university. I happen to be a very big music fan, so I definitely make it a point to attend all the amazing concerts that are held in my area. These concerts can be too frequent and costly, though, so there was a time I wasn’t able to afford them. This is not the case, though, and it’s all thanks to binary options trading. Just by doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary, I am now able to build a concert fund that never runs out. I’m definitely having the time of my life thanks to binary options trading,” Ellis told us.

Whether you want to just earn money for concerts or for other purposes, what’s important is that you look into binary options trading. Through binary options trading, you definitely have a great way to earn a lot of money with minimal effort.

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Famous Canadian Musician Deals with Personal Injury Case Through the Help of Australian and Canadian Lawyers

Being a successful musician isn’t all fun and games. Sure, it definitely looks like musicians almost always have fun when you see them in concert. However, this does not actually mean that they don’t have to deal with any problem at all. April Lavine, one of the biggest pop stars to come out of Canada in the past few years, recently had a concert here in Australia. Although it was supposed to be all fun for her, she unfortunately got assaulted by one of her fans backstage right before she was supposed to start her show last Friday. Thankfully, through the help of a personal injury attorney, she is now dealing with this situation efficiently.

How exactly is April’s personal injury attorney helping her? For one, her attorney is dealing with the concert promoters so that they pay April for the hurts she is suffering through. Most people don’t know this, but any act of negligence on the part of any entity can lead to them having to reimburse the person they injured (whether directly or indirectly). April’s case was actually the result of her concert promoter not making enough efforts to ensure April’s security. As a concert promoter, it was their responsibility to make sure that April’s security detail was enough to keep her safe from harm. Unfortunately, they failed in doing this.

Since April was physically assaulted in Australia, her case is being handled by an Australian lawyer. However, her Australian lawyer is currently collaborating with her personal injury lawyer in Toronto. Through their collaboration, they will be able to make sure that there are no loose ends. After all, April’s case is sort of an “international case.” April’s concert promoter is based both in Canada and Australia; because of this, her legal counsel must make sure that the promoter does not end up exploiting any loopholes.

“I am currently recuperating from my injuries. Although I feel sorry for myself, I feel more sorry for my fans.  I had to cancel my remaining tour dates because of my injuries. Hopefully, though, I’ll be able to get back on track in a month or two. My legal counsel is doing everything they can so that my concert promoter makes sure that they compensate me and all my fans for the inconvenience they caused us. Hopefully, the case gets settled soon. I really don’t want to disappoint my fans,” Lavine told us via e-mail.

Lavine is just one of the many musicians who were failed by their concert promoter; hopefully, she will be able to settle her situation soon. If you are suffering from a personal injury because of the negligence of another entity or person, you, too, can actually get help from a personal injury lawyer. You don’t have to be well off in order to afford the services of a personal injury lawyer. Most personal injury lawyers are willing to represent even the most disadvantaged of clients. So long as you have a compelling case, you will be able to earn thousands (if not millions) of dollars‘ worth of compensation.

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Earning Enough Money to Build an Amazing Private Recording Studio

Through advancements in technology, everyone can now build a home studio where they can record amazing music. Gone are the days when people had to spend so much money just to able to record in a traditional studio. Nowadays, with a little ingenuity, anyone can produce great-sounding music at home. Of course, it goes without saying that in order to build a home studio, people still need a considerable amount of money. In this post, I am going to talk about how many “bedroom producers” are doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary to earn enough money to build their own private studio. Through a Banc de Binary practice account, anyone can quickly learn how to do binary options trading and make great money off it.

What exactly is binary options trading? Binary options trading is a form of exotic options trading that is generally done online. Unlike other kinds of online trading, binary options trading doesn’t require those who engage in it to actually buy and own assets. Instead, they are only required to buy an option and then correctly guess if the strike price of the asset the option they bought is for will increase or decrease at the time it expires. Because binary options trading requires people to only make a few vital choices, it is considered by many people to be much easier to deal with. Considering that most trading platforms now have services that make binary options trading very safe yet profitable (e.g. Banc de Binary pro charts), it’s really easy to see why those who want to build their own private studio use it as a means of earning a lot of extra money on the side. Typically, by spending even just an hour or two a day doing binary options trading, people can earn thousands of dollars a month.

“I am a music producer for a local independent label. Unlike other producers, I use my very own studio to produce tracks by the bands from the label I work for. Despite having a really great studio, it actually only took me about half a year to build it. Considering that I don’t really have a high paying 9 to 5 job, this is an amazing feat. It’s actually all thanks to binary options trading. By doing binary options trading, I was able to buy the best mics, amps, recording software, etc. for my studio,” DJ Skrilux, a local EDM DJ/music producer, told us.

Hopefully, what I have written here will get those who want to produce music a great idea on how they can finance their endeavour. Studio equipment may have gotten much cheaper thanks to advancements in technology, but people still need much money in order to build a great studio set-up. Luckily, it’s also now every easy to make money on the side for it. By engaging in online trading, particularly binary options trading, anyone can make a great studio set-up in no time. One just has to make sure that they are making sound trading decisions in order to do so.

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How Music Affects Our Behavior

musicIt is a known fact that media has a great impact on our culture.  Music, in particular, has the ability to kindle and elicit a variety of responses, ranging from physiological, emotional to cognitive.

There is this study that implies particular kinds of music have similar effects as those of drugs and food.  It stimulates the same brain circuitry that governs human motivation.  Whenever you listen to music, the chemical dopamine is released.

The types of music a person listens to differ from those of another.  You may be more inclined to listen to classical music while the other may be more attuned to soul and R&B.  The emotions that are triggered by them can be relaxing, soothing, revitalizing, and so on.

Music is that powerful that it even influences how we drive!  In a report published in Accident Analysis and Prevention, young drivers tended to commit more driving mistakes when they listened to their preferred music.  This slightly decreased when no music was played; deficient driving behaviors significantly reduced when the young drivers listened to alternative music.   Speeding, tailgating, careless lane switching, passing vehicles, and one-handed driving were some of the errors observed.  In another research it was found out that those who listened to fast, upbeat songs while doing chores finished them faster than those who listened in to songs with slow beat.

As to the effect of lyrics on behavior, there has been a number of studies conducted and they are quite conflicting.  On the one hand, lyrics, they say, has a hand, direct or indirect, on a person’s behavior.  One author even likened a person to a beautiful, fragrant rose that wilts and withers when placed in a bin filled with rubbish when exposed to music with lyrics that are considered inappropriate.  Researchers argue that songs that contain vulgar lines, those that send out messages of carnage and violence, must create substantial impression on anyone, especially the young ones.  Music, they say, is a pervasive fountainhead of painting a positive imagery of risky behavior, substance abuse, and violence.

On the other hand, there are research workers who insist although songs with violent or vulgar lyrics may affect human mood, they are not to be blamed for aberrant behavior.  There are numerous factors that lead to violence, aggression, and substance abuse.  The types of songs and their lyrics should not bear the brunt of the culpability and be drawn as a major factor in the promotion of emotional unrest.  Other researchers observed that defiant music actually elicit positive response from teens, giving them a sense of empowerment instead of setting off depression or violence as others propose.  It is the sound of music, they say, and not what is on the lyrics that seem to result to detrimental effects on the emotion.

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Which school of thought is true has yet to be established by further studies.  But what remains to be universal is the profound effect music has on our lives as individuals and on our society as a whole.

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Reflections on Fashion and Music

Jay-Z Takes "106 & Park" To Brooklyn - ConcertMany music fans bemoan the fact that musicians have practically become mere marketing vehicles for the fashion industry, but the truth of the matter is, musicians have always been on the forefront of fashion, and designers have come to realize it, and have capitalized on it. We can’t blame MTV for it either. And it’s not just confined to the female artists either. There’s more to music artists’ fashion and style than Cher or Madonna, Gwen Stefani or Rihanna.

We only have to recall the glam rock era Ziggy Stardust’s sparkly androgynous style, and Jimi Hendrix before him, with kickass afro ‘do and snazzy scarves that are almost as awe aspiring as his guitar playing. And it goes back all the way to probably even before Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s flamboyant cravats.

Fashion has become an extension of a musician’s artistic style. Consider the flash and bling of the hip-hop artists. Diddy, Usher, Chris Brown, Kanye and Jay-Z certainly don’t have any qualms about wearing earrings on both ears, sporting diamond studs that even Liz Taylor would envy. It doesn’t make any of them look any less manly.

And there’s the rough brazenness of the rock stars, from Keith Richards’ outlandish outfits and guyliner, to Bono’s constantly evolving look, but with his ever-present sunglasses, to Lenny Kravitz’s neo-bohemia flair.

The country artists are more subtle in their self-expression, probably the most subtle ones. They typically just find variations to the cowboy hat, jeans, and boots theme. There’s only a few of them who go the jewelry route beyond the leather bands and wristwatches. The more adventurous ones though, such as Keith Urban and Brantley Gilbert, have their earrings too, although nothing that sparkles, just sedate little loops in the left ear. They probably won’t be caught dead in heart charm necklaces or cute earrings.

What do you get when you mix fashion and fame? You get trends that, in social media terms, are said to go viral. Upstarts mimicking the legends. Fans wanting to emulate their idols, as if by reflecting a little bit of a musician’s dress, hairstyle, or tat, they could get into their heads or emulate their genius, or even a bit of their fabulousness. Next time you go shopping, check out what’s selling like hotcakes. Chances are, there’s a particular kind of music, or musician that is associated with it – reflected glory and all that.

As a final word, a few fashion tips. It’s not easy to pull off outside of Halloween parties, especially the more outrageous looks. So if you want to look a little bit like Bowie or Freddy Mercury, or any of the KISS band, it’s probably best to remember that the operative word is “little”. For an everyday look that you can take to work, or on a date, just a little goes a long long way. A fauxhawk, black nail polish, or an earring would be okay, maybe, but definitely not all of them at once. Moreover, keep it age appropriate. Even David Bowie eventually gave up the chandelier earrings for a more subtle stud, and the big hair for a cropped cut.

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5 Ways Music for Business Affects Customer Spending

shopWhen you find your favorite song being played at Sears or boutique, it is important to know that this may affect how much you are going to spend. Businesses and retailers have come to the realization that whether a customer makes a purchase or not has a lot to do with emotions. Music can stir people’s hearts more than just about anything. In the case of shoppers, hearing emotional music causes customers to spend more. Crafting influential music for business has become a unique industry that goes far beyond Spotify or Pandora.  It is now considered quite normal for department stores to hire audio designers to create a mood that influences customers to buy more merchandise.

Here are the five main ways that music for business wields its influence.

1. Zoning. The idea behind zoning music, which is popular in department stores and other large retailers like Target, entails playing different genres of music in different parts of the store depending on what is on sale in that area. This uniqueness and change in background music has the effect of keeping shoppers engaged in every aisle. For example, you might hear country music in the sporting goods department and hear Sade in the lingerie department.

2. Selling Soundtracks. A new trend has started taking hold in many retail stores whereby these stores offer their store soundtracks at the checkout counter as CDs for sale. This has complemented the playing of well-curated playlists within these stores. The idea is to allow people play the tracks they heard from their favorite store at home or while on the go, which means they are likely to remember that brand whenever they hear these tracks. Nike, Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret are businesses that offer their own branded music CDs.

3. Genre. Studies have found that classical music increases the price point of items purchased, perhaps because it sends a message of affluence. This works especially well at stores that have high-end items like wine and jewelry stores. Some stores have hired musicians to play classical music in their stores to increase sales.

4. Volume. Studies show that playing loud music is likely to reduce the time that a customer remains in a store while increasing impulsiveness. According to research, businesses experience increased sales when they crank the music up.

5. Tempo. It has been proven that people behave differently based on different music tempos. For instance, your heart beat increases when the beat increases and lowers when there is a decrease in tempo. Upbeat tempos have been seen to positively change shoppers’ moods in order to encourage spending. However, slower tempos work well in environments where customers like to browse. Since slower music is soothing and mellow, it encourages shoppers to take more time in their selection. More time shopping usually means more items purchased.

It has been argued that using music for business this way is a form of subliminal hypnosis  because the consumer is unaware of it. Whether it is hypnosis or not, it is certainly influential a deep unconscious level.

Music for business is now a very cutting edge technology that is based on extensive psychological research. The next time you are in a department store, notice the music that is playing and know that it is being crafted to coax the dollars from your purse.


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Pro Dumpster Rental – The First Choice For Dumpster Rentals

DumpsterIf you are looking for a dumpster rental, regardless of what your needs are, has the solution to your needs. From delivering roll off dumpsters to construction sites to renting multiple units to event organizers, their website is the first choice of those looking for affordable options. When you choose to use their services, it is guaranteed that you will receive a higher quality of customer service and lower rates from your vendor. Pro Dumpster Rental pledges that their clients will never have to worry about late deliveries or hidden fees.

Although entertainment and music events comprise a significant portion of their clientele, Pro Dumpster Rental assists all manners of clients with a plethora of trash hauling and junk removal needs. The services they offer include:

Residential dumpster services

Commercial dumpster services

Roll off containers (10-40 cubic yards)

Trash and junk removal

There are a number of different reasons why Pro Dumpster Rental has become the number one source of dumpster rentals. Here is a look at just a few of those reasons:

Affordable, Lower Prices. Pro Dumpster Rental carefully screens all potential vendors to ensure that the vendors meet their stringent criteria before they choose to partner with them. In doing so, they ensure that their customers are provided with the lowest rates within their community.


Less Hassle. Two problems that dumpster renters often face are late deliveries and costly hidden fees. Particularly for clients involved in the music and entertainment industries, this can be an absolute nightmare when strict schedules and budgets must be followed. Pro Dumpster Rental eliminates these problems through their screening process.


Better Customer Service. When it comes to screening their potential dumpster rental partners, goes to great length to ensure that they choose only local partners with an impeccable reputation for providing excellent customer service.


Better Selections. Each client’s dumpster needs are unique. There is no one size fits all solution, but by offering a wide selection of rentals to choose from, Pro Dumpster Rental ensures that their clients will be able to find exactly what they are looking for. You won’t be required to pay for any products or services that you don’t need.


These are just a few of the benefits that Pro Dumpster Rental has to offer. If you have never rented a dumpster before, then you probably have a few questions you’d like to have answered. This is why their website includes a handy FAQ section for first time renters.

When you decide that you are ready to rent, all you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire telling Pro Dumpster Rental what size of dumpster you are looking for, how many you need to get the job done, where you need it delivered, and when you need it. Then, it is time for you to sit back, relax, and wait for local vendors to begin contacting you with their estimated prices for your rental. It really is that simple.

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Why Men in Australia Grow Out Their Moustaches in November

moustacheIn Australia, the quest for men to keep their moustache growing begins in the month of November and lasts all throughout the month. This movement has been called Movember, No Shave November and Noshember.  It is the time of year where men from all over the country decide not to shave their facial hair for a cause and it is one of the greatest moustache movements in history.

Although less popular than the Breast Cancer Awareness month for women, Movember is gaining more popularity nowadays. Movember is a fundraiser which deals with men’s health issues.  The movement began in 1999 when a group of men in Melbourne, Australia was looking for a way to give to charity. To date, it has grown to over 21 countries all over the world and it has more than 3 million participants.

The basics of the movement

Movember is meant to raise awareness about different issues which affect men’s health and some of the most common male health problems are prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues.  One of the aims of the movement is to be a conversation starter for these issues.  The participants of the movement are called Mo Bros, Mo meaning moustache.

The no shaving rule

There are more ways to grow out your facial hair and you can count on all participants to do their best to grow out their facial hair. They start the month of November clean-shaven and then go on a 30-day shaving hiatus.


Male participants ask friends, family members and people to donate money to the cause as the Mo Bros grow out their facial hair. Women can join the cause too but they are not asked to grow out their facial hair. Instead women are asked to encourage their male friends to participate. They can also help spread more awareness about men’s health issues by talking to people and asking them to donate to the cause.

Because of the good response from the female half of the population, female supporters have been called Mo Sistas. Mo member, both male and female are encouraged to join a pack. After all, there is strength in numbers.

The rules

Although Movember is meant to be fun, it also comes with rules which participants must follow.  The rules are quite straightforward but some can be difficult to adhere to. On the first day of the month, male participants must put all their razors away.  When hair begins to grow, it can be itchy. Men can scratch all they want but they must not give in to the temptation of shaving.

The growth of the movement

Since the movement started, it has raised more than $400 million for prostate cancer awareness, as well as research programs. This year the movement will focus on raising testicular cancer awareness in partnership with the Prostrate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong Foundation.

Just last year the organization raised almost $150 million with more than a million registered fundraisers all over the world.

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